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Cubed Agency is your one-stop-shop for social media marketing & video production! We create specially crafted content that drives quality leads to your business that convert into sales.

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Create Content With Purpose

It all starts with an idea. Over 10 years ago, Joseph “Joe” Cadwell began his career in marketing. However, a light was sparked much earlier. A native of New Orleans, LA, Joe has had a camera in his hand through every stage of life. It went everywhere with him: vacations, teenage adventures, as well as through the wreckage of his family home after Hurricane Katrina. From a young age, the power of imagery became evident. Joe followed his passion to the University of New Orleans, graduating with a degree in Film Arts. Free-lancing turned into ad agency positions at two top notch ad agencies which led to his tenure as Director of Photography. Joe also held television roles within ABC as Motion Graphics Artist and Producer. With time also spent as Creative Service Director, his years of experience have culminated in an impassioned drive to lead a team of creative individuals dedicated to creating content with purpose.

Joe has helped numerous clients, large and small, see substantial returns on their investments. Assisting clients reach their sales target of over while managing budgets upwards of $250K, it has been Joe’s goal to turn ideas into quality content with purpose. His client list experience includes casinos, car dealers, law firms, construction, musicians, doctors, dentists, festivals and many more. Everyone has a story to tell, and Cubed Agency is here to transform yours into a compelling visual experience through digital marketing.

The name of Cubed Agency has its origins as Cadwell Creative Content. It seemed imperative to form an agency that would address all sides of the marketing realm. Superficial aesthetics are not enough. For true quality, businesses must go fill their space with content creatively crafted to achieve a purpose. There lies the creation of Cubed Agency.

Cubed Agency is your one-stop-shop for social media marketing and video production that utilizes strategic advertising to craft specially designed content, driving quality inbound leads to your business. We focus on presenting your business and its products or services in the best light with Brand Building, Graphic Design, Reputation Management, Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Creation, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and, of course, Social Media Marketing and Video Production.

A quick glance through Cubed Agency’s portfolio showcases our well-rounded skill set. Each piece is a testament to...

Our Marketing Process

We are proud to have an interactive process where our clients have a hand in the creative process while our trained specialists do all the heavy lifting, creating an atmosphere of ease. Like we said, it all starts with an IDEA. Maybe you already have one, or you want to work with our team to build one. You can be assured that a lot of PLANNING goes into creating your creative campaign. We’ll take care of all the prep work while keeping you in the loop. Developing your campaign is what our staff are trained to do. We’re all geeks here, and we love it! So, don’t worry. We’ll carry your campaign through DEVELOPMENT with an attentive eye and creative perspective. Once a campaign goes live, we are constantly updating and configuring it to best reach your desired customers. TEST and tweak. Every business is different, and we’ll discover how to create a deliverable that will have lasting impacts on your sales.

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IDEAS: It all starts with an idea. Maybe you have one already, or you can work with our team to build a new one.

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PLANNING: A lot of prep work goes into creating new campaigns. We can take care of all of the prep work for you while keeping you in the loop.

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DEVELOPMENT: Our geeks will handle all the technical aspects of building your campaign. Don't worry, they love doing it!

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TESTING: Once a campaign goes live, we are constantly updating and configuring it to better reach the exact customers you are looking for, and we'll keep you up to speed with the results!

Our Promise

Keeping a business up and going is no easy feat. Return on Investment (ROI) is at the forefront of your mind at all times. Creating digital content with purpose is at the forefront of ours. The digital world is ever-changing and ever-growing. Real, quality work requires a knowledgeable professional trained in their craft. We will handle the research, planning, and design required to master the art of “filling the funnel”. Here at Cubed Agency, we believe words matter, and it is our promise to each and every client to deliver results through a professional, prompt, and personal process.

So What Do We Do?

We help you focus on what REALLY matters for your business!

We can ramble off a list of marketing jargon explaining the technical side of what we do for you, but we know you want to do one thing . . .


That's exactly what we'll do for you!

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