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Producing Videos for Your Business

The Post Production Process

It’s all fun and games, filming an advertisement video for your business - until the dreaded post-production phase hits, and the more tedious work begins. Your time of feeling like a model or a Hollywood star with all the glitz and glamour is sadly over. Now, it's time to hunker down and achieve the perfect edits, graphics, soundtrack, and overall finalized video.

It is essential that you spend the appropriate amount of time on the editing process, and do not – I repeat – do not skimp on the details! Bad video editing can seriously damage the quality of your communication with the audience and negatively affect the video’s performance in terms of reaching marketing goals and developing a relationship with your consumer base.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short in Video Post-Production

For the same reasons you should hire professionals to assist you in the planning and filming process of your videos, you need to enlist the help of experienced editors and producers for post-production.

Despite any prior research you may have done regarding your consumers’ needs, if you do not have a rich foundation of editing experience supporting your marketing work, you may not achieve the desired results. Your eye may not catch the minor flaws that someone in the filmmaking industry would notice right away. Additionally, few people realize the psychological elements that come into play in many advertising strategies. This is most certainly not a scenario where you can simply wing it.

Nevertheless, if you are unable to enlist the help of a professional, have no fear! You can still produce a wonderful video that communicates your message effectively. All that is required is your absolute attention and patience.

Self-Editing Videos: How to Make Your Content Turn A Profit

Just like any content you publish regarding your business, the intent of video production is to create something that extends the reach of your business and then convert the traffic gained into sales. The only way to do so effectively is by creating the best video experience possible. A strong marketing video will include visual and text graphics, color correction (if necessary), voiceover narratives, background music – the whole nine yards!

Think of video advertisements that have stuck with you. What part of them resonated with you? Do you remember the brand name because of the music used in the advertisement? When the narrator recited the company’s contact information, did the phone number or email address stick with you? All of these elements are direct results of the meticulous attention to detail during the editing process.

When you are editing, make sure to watch the video as many times as you need to troubleshoot the viewer's experience. Based on how you receive the information and perceive the tone of the ad, you can determine whether the video is ready for publication or not. This is not a fast process. Be patience. As in most things, cutting corners will not give your audience a quality experience.

When you put the necessary time and attention into producing videos for your business, know there can be a direct correlation in increased business reach and revenue. Although a daunting process, with dedication and the right professionals on your side, video production can be a smooth path to better results.

Author: Mac Cassity | Social Media

Date: February 20, 2020

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