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Is Lack of Video Content Hurting Your Sales?

Generate Leads With Great Video Content

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Leads... A business needs them to survive in today’s web-connected world. Competition can be fierce, and businesses must be on top of their marketing game in order to capture the attention of clients and pull in consistent leads.

But there is one major mistake that MANY businesses continuously make that forces them to miss out on a TON of those all-important leads...VIDEO.

Video is vital, bottom line, and here are the two main mistakes businesses are making in their video marketing that is costing them big time:

1. They Aren't Using Video!

This is a biggie. Many businesses are not using video, AT ALL. Every aspect of their marketing is just words on paper or on a screen. Every Facebook post, every blog post (if they are even doing either of these) is simply text. Text can be powerful, but video can get the job done much more quickly and more effectively. In today’s technologically advanced world, prospects definitely gravitate towards video and it can be incredibly effective at getting your message across and pre-selling your product. IF, that is, the video is done correctly. Which brings us to point number 2…

2. The Video is Low Quality

Sadly, some of the video that businesses put out looks like that grainy video of bigfoot from the 60’s as he walks into the woods. Shaky, hard to focus on, and, basically, CRAPPY. Again, you are COMPETING with other businesses for LEADS! The lifeblood of your business! Sure, your iPhone has good video capability, but just using your cellphone to say a few words into the camera won’t always cut it (but it CAN be effective when used sporadically to connect on a personal level with clients). Your business needs to invest in high quality video. This could mean a short animated video, a lengthier “spotlight on your business” type piece, or a completely different idea altogether. The point is you want to highlight your business in the best way possible, and high-quality video production will show your clients professionalism and attention to detail.

While the process of utilizing video in your marketing can take some time to hone and REALLY begin producing quality leads, if you commit to it, it will work. Using video, and better yet, using HIGH QUALITY video, are vital to the marketing programs of today’s businesses. So, start integrating them today, and SHOW and tell while you SHOW and SELL using video marketing!

Author: Mac Cassity | Social Media

Date: March 05, 2020

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