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Optimizing Your Video for SEO

Is Your Business's Video Optimizing Your SEO Results?

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Making sure your site is found in the search engines when people are searching for what you do is crucial to compete in today’s online environment. The world of SEO is an ever-changing and very technical one, and as most of us just started feeling comfortable with using text to optimize our ranking results, in comes the world of video!

Video rules the net these days, and it has become an integral aspect of any serious business’s marketing/SEO program. Knowing exactly how to rank your video for SEO results, however, can be a little tricky as the rules and protocol are entirely different from text.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you are optimizing your video for SEO results:

1. Pick the Right Platform

Are you looking to simply pull in traffic to your site, or do you want to maximize conversions/leads ON site? Answering that question can determine which hosting platform to use for your videos. YouTube, Vimeo and others have their pros and cons when it comes to how well traffic is pulled in and directed. So, make sure to study how each platform will work best for your specific goals.

2. Combine the Video with Words That Help Tell the Story

An awesome (and oft overlooked) SEO technique for video is to “marry” the video with a written transcript. These words can be showing alongside the video (which make it an awesome tool for those who want to surf silently), and if done correctly, the text is crawlable by the search engines. This is an excellent opportunity to include additional keywords and phrases alongside the video to help further supercharge the SEO results.

3. It's the PIC That Makes Them Click

Did you know, the THUMBNAIL of a video is more important than the TITLE of your video? Yep. When someone is searching online and sees videos, it is the picture representing the video that decides if they click or not. Many businesses use whatever thumbnail is generated when their video displays on different hosting sites. MISTAKE! Make sure to manually choose either a video still from your video that is captivating or use a separate image to represent the upcoming video. You want it to be high quality, not fuzzy or blurry, and include colors that will catch the attention of speedy surfers. Spend some time here, and the results will more than pay you back for your effort!

4. Ensure the Descriptions Do Their Duty

Another area that is often overlooked by sloppy marketers and business owners is in the area of the video description. Don’t just put a title and a few words about the video! Use keywords in well flowing text that have the ability to really pull someone in. Make them WANT to click your video and watch it! The keywords you use can help optimize the video, but the actual story you tell will help convince them that YOURS is the video they have been looking for.

While the above are by no means ALL the ways in which you can optimize your videos for better SEO, they are some of the easiest to implement with the biggest BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. Do not discount your video SEO optimization process. Take the time to do it right, and reap the benefits of additional video plays, click-throughs, leads and SALES!

Author: Mac Cassity | Social Media

Date: March 12, 2020

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