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How To Plan For Buying Media

Are you wasting money on media buys that aren't working?

For many businesses, video advertisements or content such as reviews and tutorials are one of the most effective and reliable ways to increase traffic to their company. Visual content can engage a target audience in ways that written articles or podcasts could not. Using recorded videos, you can add a new depth to your business no matter your niche or style of communication. Given all that video content can do for your online presence, it is important to realize the effect the quality of your content has on your business's performance and customer relations.

Developing Quality, Engaging Content

Let’s face it. The internet is beyond congested with YouTube channels, Twitch streaming, Patreon live streams, and everything inbetween in the world of video entertainment. It's tough to get your name out there when it seems that all the bases are covered, right? Well, no, not necessarily. See, there are many of what we're going to refer to here as crossover audiences.

Is your business somehow related to STEM? Your target audience will probably be students, teachers, or hobby-scholars – people who love to learn just for the fun of it. Do you have secondary interests such as plants or medicine? You can draw an audience of gardening enthusiasts or geologists to your business by carefully connecting the dots and highlighting the overlap of your products with these interests. For example, a mobile microscope will interest gardeners to see the bugs they have amongst their plants, while geologists can examine stones in the field.

To gain a consistent viewership, you will need to do two main things:

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Research your target audience

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research

Not only will these two things make your content more relevant to your base, but it will also ease the process of viewers finding your media.

Research Your Target Audience

How in the world are you supposed to research people you've never met? Take a deep breath – you don't. This step is not as literal as it may seem. To research your target audience, you will need to identify the problem your product is solving, determine the type of content you intend to produce (advertisement or How-To?), and find the appropriate avenues through which to market that media.

Draw from your experience as a media consumer. Take note of how difficult it is to locate and subscribe to media that interests you! Do you have to type endlessly into a search engine until you happen upon what you’re looking for? Is the content you’re looking for only available through radio? Make your content available as an audiobook or Spotify podcast!

Researching your target audience is all about relating to them, finding unsolved problems and unmet needs within your niche, and adapting the marketing strategy of your video content in response to those discoveries.

SEO Research

Having a strong SEO strategy will serve as an extension of your efforts to identify your target audience and streamline the process for them to consume your media. Say you are someone who produces a web video series of DIY home décor. The internet is absolutely stuffed with DIY video tutorials! How will your audience find yours?

Research your niche with keyword tools such as Google Trends, and take note of the questions that “People Also Ask.” With this information, you will have real-time data that you can use to refine your upcoming videos. Being informed will also make it easier to write video descriptions that take your video to the top of search results for niche-specific questions.

Making your video content readily accessible to your audience is trying. However, with these methods, your viewers will have a much easier time locating your media, and you can be sure that your content will always be up-to-date and relevant to their needs.

Author: Mac Cassity | Social Media

Date: March 19, 2020

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