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Should You Be Marketing During the Coronavirus?


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Your business may be shut down or not taking in many customers now because of COVID-19. Consequently, if you own a restaurant, you may not see much point in marketing. However, it is crucial that you take this time to step up your marketing efforts. You will be rewarded now as well as when your business re-opens or returns to operation on a broader scale.

Think of it this way – any ads you used before to boost your brand will fade away if you scrap your marketing and stop advertising. If you do not remind people that you are still out there kicking, ready to serve them when the world returns to normal, you may lose your audience completely. If you’re a restaurant, mix up our marketing strategy to include delivery services or pass out coupons or freebies for people to try.

Remain in Circulation

Regardless of your business model, you need to be vigilant in keeping your brand’s name and image in the public eye. After all, people who are quarantined will remember you more easily if you step up your marketing now. If you cut down on promoting your brand and business, they may easily forget you, especially when everything begins to normalize. After all, marketing is the lifeblood of your business. If you stop circulation, you will not continue to operate.

Adapting Your Business Online

Okay, maybe you are not a restaurant. Maybe you are a service business or online software provider. How do you adjust your marketing plan during the Coronavirus pandemic? The following suggestions will keep you in people’s minds while providing significant results.

For example, you can offer some of your premium services for free – this will enable businesses that are experiencing losses to slowly get back on their feet. By incorporating this approach, you can regain the interest of the businesses that are currently struggling. While you may receive a large number of free-trial sign-ups, those sign-ups, when things get better, may mean a substantial increase in paying customers.

Also, if you mention a selection of free features, some customers will just go ahead and pay for a product or subscription anyway. It’s that kind of goodwill that keeps your marketing relevant even when your operations take a temporary flip. In this case, it’s about businesses helping each other out during a time of crisis. Plus, consider this – you will automatically increase your website’s traffic if you offer some products for free. That increase in traffic can ultimately lead to a once-again healthy bottom line.

You can also use this time to develop or deliver a course about using your product. Again, you can give the course and training for free. This can be a great boon for your company, especially if you mention the training on social media. Not only will you get sign-ups, you will also increase your business’s following on social platforms.

Again, the idea is to help others. That type of thinking will enable you to stay afloat professionally. While the results are not direct, they add up indirectly in an increased response in traffic and interest in your business.

Buy Ads Now, as They Are Super Cheap

Now is the time, too, to reach out to the people currently spending more time online. These people are clicking on ads - ads, which now, are really super cheap. Therefore, you can use this opportunity to buy some PPC ads and increase your website engagement.

While you may need to adjust your marketing strategy, you still need to be extra assertive and find ways to make the most of the current situation. Not only will you gain eventual financial rewards, you will also build your customers’ trust and confidence.

Author: Mac Cassity | Social Media

Date: April 23, 2020

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