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5 Tips To Increase Traffic By Using Backlinks

Rank Higher On Search Engines

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If you have just created a website or already have site set up and are wondering how to get more people to visit, you need to know more about backlinks. The following information will bring you up to speed on why backlinks are one of the more popular solutions for increasing organic traffic and building credibility. The more organic links you have, the higher your ranking will be in the organic search results.

This form of gaining attention is nothing new. In fact, back-linking formed the basis for Google’s original algorithm, PageRank. While Google has changed its algorithm thousands of times since then, back links still remain a major ranking indicator for rating a website’s popularity.

The Key to Backlink Success

Do you want to use backlinks successfully? Then you have to remember this – Not all backlinks are created equal. Some are lower quality while others will immediately boost your rankings. If you want a higher rank in the search engine results pages or SERPs, you need to attract quality links.

Also, consider this – One single quality backlink gives you more leverage than 1,000 lower quality links. So, it’s not the quantity of links you attract, it is the quality of the links that your site receives.

Okay, so what do the quality links have in common? Here are some of the traits of quality back links and the features they have in common.

1. Domain Authority

You want your backlinks coming from sites such as Harvard, versus someone’s personal blog. The purpose of this method has to do with domain authority. If a backlink comes from a higher authority site, it will pass on that authority to yours. Once you get that kind of link, you will notice a quick jump in your search engine organic traffic.

2. Your Target Keyword Is Part of the Link's Anchor Text

To make sure your site gets noticed, you want to add a keyword in your site’s anchor text or the featured text of the link. Just don’t go crazy using this technique because Google will notice and will not like it. Therefore, use this approach judiciously.

3. Your Link Connects to a Site with a Similar Theme

To ensure you are attracting the right back links, you also need to make sure you attract sites from platforms whose subjects are associated with yours. For example, if you have a fitness site, Google will place more weight on back-linking that originates from sites that are related to fitness as well.

4. The Link is a DoFollow Type Link

Google will ignore links that have a NoFollow tag – a tag on the backend of your website that tells search engines to ignore the relevance of a specific link. Usually NoFollow links are from ads, press releases, or blog comments.

5. Most of the Links Come From Different Related Sites

Your backlinks are also more valuable if they come from several related sites instead of one authoritative site time after time.

Therefore, quality links must come from credible and dependable sites, include a DoFollow tag, and contain the occasional keyword. It will be beneficial if most of them come from sites that relate to your site’s traffic.

Keep Populating Your Site with Quality Content

To get these links, you can write guest posts, place comments on certain sites, and continuously create website content of a high quality. Quality back-linking can only be realized when you add valuable content and make sure that your own anchor links connect to higher-quality, more authoritative sites.

Author: Mac Cassity | Social Media

Date: May 07, 2020

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