5 Marketing Tips You Should Be Using During COVID-19

Do you own a business that has been impacted by closures due to COVID-19?

How would you like to COME BACK STRONGER THAN BEFORE with a line of customers ready and eager to purchase the products or services that you offer?

5 Marketing Tips You Should Be Implementing During COVID-19

1. Remain Relevant To Your Customers

This is very important! If you slack on your digital marketing efforts now, you will not only fall behind your competitors, but risk the chance of being forgotten completely! Staying relevant right now is not hard at all. People are spending the majority of their time online, so your audience is abundant! Let us help you grab their attention.

2. It's Inexpensive

It's very likely that your competitors have backed off partially or completely when it comes to advertising their business right now. That results in your target keywords and other digital marketing methods to be less expensive and less competitive. Now is the time to buy digital ads at discounted rates!

3. This Is An Opportunity For Change

If your previous methods of marketing were delivering the same stagnant results, then now is a great opportunity to shake things up! The remaining lockdown time will provide our team a chance to perform the corrections needed to the back-end of your business's current marketing strategy. Not to mention, it will give us a chance to start driving quality leads to your business and convert them into sales before you even reopen!

4. Adapt Your Business To Expand

Adapting your current business plan might be the boost your business was longing for. For example, if you own a restaurant and didn't offer delivery services before now, you can see how adapting your business to suit the current needs of our economy has created a new platform for your business to generate more sales in the future. Keeping this in mind, we can work with you to devise other strategies to implement more systems to do the same.

5. Start Video Production

Video production is one of the best investments you can make for your business. I can't get into the gritty details of why that's true here because of its extensive nature, but using quality video content for your business has everlasting benefits!

Imagine having a system in place for your business that drives customers to your website, sells them on your product or service FOR YOU, and then THEY book the appointment or buy your product.

Cubed Agency Book Appointment Infographic

. . . And this is only one benefit of using video production for your business's marketing strategy.

Marketing right now may seem like an unlikely option or might feel like a waste of money, but it doesn't have to be! We believe businesses should be working with one another to get our economy back to normal for everyone's sake. We are currently working with all businesses, large and small, at cost efficient rates to help give everyone a shot at making it through this and coming back stronger than before!

By no means are these the only ways you could be growing your business right now. Marketing is and should be an investment, not an expense. If you would like to start experiencing the returns of investing in systems like these for your business, then book your free appointment with us below. We will explore your current marketing strategy and discuss alternative plans you can use to increase the rate of return on your investment.

Cubed Agency is a digital marketing and video production agency that creates specially crafted content driving quality leads to your business. Book your appointment today to get started. Until then, remember: Create Content With Purpose!